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Our family began milking Jerseys in 1959 as Jersey milk was in strong demand because of its exceptional quality. All of our present-day cows can be traced back generations to our original herd. John's father always said what impressed him most was that the Jersey cow breeds true to her genetic line. There was never any discussion about switching breeds. We knew Jersey cows meant always having a quality product.
Let us introduce you to the three 'Jersey Girls' you'll see on all our labels:
Pamela is our girl in the middle as she always wants to be front and centre. Jerseys have a very curious nature, and Pamela is extremely inquisitive. She represents the character of the Jersey breed. Pamela is currently being milked in our herd, and she is Marie's favorite cow. Pamela seeks out all of the love and attention she can get.
Mary, our girl on the left, represents the roots and heritage of our farm. She was named after John's mother as she was born on the last birthday celebrated by Mary Miller. John's mother's family was in the milk processing business, manufacturing butter and ice cream in Goderich, Ontario. In fact, John's great grandfather, Sam Bisset, is credited with being the first dairyman to put milk in a milk bottle in 1896.
Candice, our girl on the right, represents quality. Candice was one of our best cows, and she lived for fourteen years, a very long life for a cow. She was our highest quality cow for milk production and also scored excellent for body style three times. In addition to being a large volume milk producer, she also provided many offspring for our current herd.
Miller's Dairy is using a water recovery system which will allow recovery of 80 percent of our process wash water to be reused. The water is collected into a holding tank following the first use. It will then be pumped back into the plant through a membrane filtration system. This system removes all bacteria and impurities making the water safe to be used again. Thousands of gallons of water will be saved daily making this another initiative Miller's Dairy is taking in its care of the environment.
Miller's Dairy milk will be available in glass bottles. This was a responsible decision we chose to make. Our bottles will be returned to the dairy to be washed, sanitized and refilled with Fresh Jersey Milk. Our glass bottles will keep the milk colder, thus effectively and naturally slowing the aging process of the milk. Our milk is healthier, stays fresh longer and tastes great!
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